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Savor the delicate and buttery aromas of freshly-picked walnuts and hazelnuts.

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Classic Salad Dressing

Simply combine 3 parts olive oil with 1 part vinegar and a pinch of salt. Have fun by trying different combinations like walnut oil with sherry vinegar, hazelnut oil and fig vinegar, olive oil with lemon juice and basil oil and balsamic vinegar. Great taste couldn’t be simpler.

J LeBlanc Nut Oils

From the southernmost corner of Burgundy, the LeBlanc family has been producing culinary oils since 1878. Whether it’s the stone mill or the age-old techniques passed on from father to son, these nut oils are noted for their exceptional character and authentic flavor.

Care and Storage

Unopened containers of nut oils will last indefinitely when kept in a cool dry place. Once opened, seal tightly and refrigerate, and use within about three months.

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Artisans press freshly-picked whole nuts in small batches to produce complex and textured oils.  Nut oils are generally used for seasoning or finishing rather than cooking, and come packaged in distinctive stone bottles to protect their quality and delicate flavors.

  • Region:
    Burgundy, France
    This elegant, golden hazelnut oil offers a unique depth of flavor with a hint of woodsy sweetness. Wonderful when drizzled over roasted salmon, French green beans and warm goat cheese salad.
  • Region:
    Burgundy, France
    This distinctive oil captures the rich, nutty aroma of lightly toasted walnuts from southern Burgundy and the Périgord regions of France. It’s ideal with green salads, potatoes, chicory and soft cheeses, and great  for baking.